The Danish Kennel Club

The Danish Kennel Klub (DKK) is Denmark's largest organisation for dog owners. Everyone can become a member: dog owners with dogs with or without pedigree as well as people without dogs but with an interest in dogs. It was founded in 1897 by the Danish hunters. Today, it has more than 30.000 members.

About DKK


One of Denmark's oldest organisations.

DKK was founded in 1897 by danish hunters and is thereby one of Denmark's oldest organisations.

DKK is probably Denmark's largest member association with a membership ballot for the board election. The board consists of 7 people.

DKK is situated in Solrød with 34 employees.

Member of FCI

Dansk Kennel Klub is – as the only Danish organisation – recognised by the international union of national kennel clubs: Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI).

FCI is an abbreviation of Fédération Cynologique Internationale (The International Cynological Union).

FCI is a union of national kennel clubs. FCI only recognises one national kennel club per country and in Denmark, they recognise Dansk Kennel Klub.

FCI was founded on 22 May 1911 and Denmark became a member in 1934.

Today, FCI has 76 valid member countries, 12 associated countries and 7 so-called contractual partners. Additionally, they have established a collaboration with two great dog countries outside FCI: USA and England.

Kontakt DKK

Dansk Kennel Klub
Parkvej 1
2680 Solrød Strand
56 18 81 00
CVR 11 88 18 15


Betalinger til Dansk Kennel Klub
Reg. nr.: 9070 Konto: 1639581302
IBAN-nr: DK3090701639581302

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