Show titles

Here you find a list of the most "common" show titles, as well as a list of the titles that e.g. are included in the show catalogue.

There are different titles within the show world, which at times can be a jungle to find your way around with many requirements and registrations. In the menu, you can find a list the most common titles, your dog can achieve. In every title page, you can read about the titles' requirements, where/how it can be gained and a reference to where the title can be registered.

​Registration and confirmation

How to apply for the Danish championship
If applying online
You can apply for the Danish championship through Hundeweb. Note that there will be computers available at the show ground in DKK's stand for you to send your online application. But it is, of course, also possible to do from home.

1. Log in to and go to "MY PAGE"
2. Click on "Championship" in the menu on the left.
3. Click on "Apply for a Danish Championship" and fill in the following forms and details. You will then within a short amount of time receive a confirmation that your dog is a Danish Champion

*You can also order a diploma, proving the Danish Championship under "Championship". This costs DKK 119.00.

If applying manually
1. Fill in this form (If necessary, please enclose some documentation that the dog has obtained the required trial as well as, in case b., some documentation that the dog is already a national champion)
2. Send the form to awards department of the DKK.
3. If you would like to order a Danish or Nordic Beauty Champion diploma, please pay DKK 111.00. If your dog has also become a Nordic Beauty Champion, we please ask you to send us copies of confirmation of national championship in 2 other Nordic countries (apart from Denmark)

Approved titles for show catalogues and pedigrees

Below are lists of the titles that according to FCI's and DKK's show regulations are approved for publication in the show catalogue and on the pedigree.

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