How your dog becomes Breed Winner of the year

At all DKK's shows, incl. the national and Nordic shows arranged by DKK's regions, points are given to Best of Breed and Best of Opposite Sex in each breed. These points are counted in the competition for Breed Winner of the year. The dog with most points after the last of the year has won the title DKK Breed Winner (DKKV).

Point system:

  • Best of Breed - 5 points
  • Best i Opposite Sex - 3 points

The first DKK membership magazine HUNDEN of the year includes a , årets første udgave af medlemsmagasinet HUNDEN fremvises en cavalcade of the previous year's winners. So remember to get a photo taken at Wiegaarden at the show in Ballerup or in Herning, if your dog is breed winner. It is free of charge, but with the possibility of buying all the photos to a reasonable price.