Hip scoring index

The Hip Scoring Index is an indication of the individual dogs' genetic disposition for hip dysplasia in relation to the average hip score for the breed. The Hip Scoring Index predicts whether the offspring from the dog will have better or worse hip scores than the average of the breed.

The Hip Scoring Index is calculated on the basis of the hip scores of dogs that are related to the calculated dog – parents, siblings and offspring.

The average Hip Scoring Index for the entire breed is defined as 100, where dogs with an index higher than this will improve the hip scores of the breed, and dogs with scores below 100 will worsen then hip scores of the breed.

The average varies from breed to breed, so for one breed the 100 score will equal a A score for the hips, and in other breeds the 100 score will equal a B or C status.

The index is recalculated every time a new hip score is registered in the breed, so the average will change according to the new results.

The scores are usually between 50 and 150, with most of the scores between 80 and 120.

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