How does your dog qualify?

Your dog can qualify in several ways:

1) Every spring, DKK hosts 2 Crufts-qualifying shows. Here, the best male and best bitch (BOB/BOS), as well as best junior male with Excellent and best junior bitch with Excellent, qualifies for Crufts the next year. In 2021, the Crufts-qualifying shows are on 9 May in Roskilde and on 20 June in Vejen.

2) All dogs that have attained the title 'International Champion', C.I.B or C.I.E, are automatically qualified.

3) The winners of the previous year's World Dog Show and European Dog Show are qualified. This includes the CACIB-winners of both sexes, as well as best junior male and junior bitch. At the European Dog Show, the best veteran male and best veteran bitch also qualify.

4) Selected foreign shows, only 2 per country. Here, the same rules apply as at the Crufts-qualifying shows in Denmark.

5) Dogs, exported from Great Britain and with an original UK-registration number, are automatically qualified, if they attain the title of national champion in a country that the British Kennel Club has a collaboration with.

6) Crufts-qualifying shows can also be found outside of Europe.