You can find the dates and places of the coming international dog shows in the show calendar. 

The closing date (deadline for entry and payment), tourist information and a lot of other relevant information can also be found in the show calendar.

Entry and payment

The entry and payment must reach the DKK by the closing date.
Please use the official entry form.
Photocopy of the pedigree must be sent to the DKK.

Payments from abroad can be made by bank transfer. Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish exhibitors can, however, also pay by Swedish, Norwegian or Finnish giro.

Details about how to enter and entry forms can be found at the end of the page.

How to enter

With their signature on the entry form or by sending an online entry, the exhibitor certifies that he/she is acquainted with the DKK show regulations, that he/she will observe these regulations and approves that the dog is shown at their own expense and risk. The exhibitor also certifies not to be a member of a cynological organisation, which is not recognised by the DKK. A Danish-owned dog must be registered in the DKK. A foreign-owned dog must be registered in an organisation recognised by the FCI.