Right now, so many of you ask us to gaze into our crystal ball, turn over the pages in our calendar and answer whether or not it will be possible to go through with the three shows in Roskilde on May 8th-10th.

How ever much we would like to answer that question with a clear YES – we can’t. Not yet anyway.

We would so terribly like to though – because we love our shows, we love the positive atmosphere, the sharp competition, the good fellowship, the happy smiles and – of course – the beautiful dogs.

Thus, we have awaited a statement from the government on whether the lockdown of society is prolonged – or a statement on the opposite; when can we expect to be “back in business”. Yesterday’s announcement from the Danish prime minister states that she expects the government to present a plan for a gradual reopening later this week. Therefore, we have chosen to postpone the decision about a possible cancellation of the Roskilde-shows for Monday April 6th, which is also the date of the first deadline.

The board of DKK has already guaranteed a full refund of the entry fee to all those that have or might want to enter the shows in Roskilde, if these are cancelled due to Corona. If the government should allow outdoor gatherings in Denmark in May, but keep the borders closed, then the board still guarantees a full refund of the entry fee for foreign exhibitors that are prohibited from showing.

Read more about the outdoor shows in Roskilde here: https://www.dkk.dk/english/dog-shows/calender-1/roskilde2020